difficulties becoming pregnant?


Many couples today find it difficult to become pregnant. The reasons for this can be very varied. Everything from lifestyle factors, to more medical problems. Both nutritional therapy, Viceral Manipulation and Craniosacral manipulation can be good options to help becoming pregnant. On a first visit, we try to find the reason why it does not work. Based on this, we proceed with appropriate treatment. I do not accept patients at the same time as an ongoing invitro fertilisation, IVF or ICSI. But you are welcome both before and after.

problems during and after pregnancy

A pregnancy involves major changes in the body. A new life will grow and eventually be born.

Perhaps the most common problem is pubic pain. During pregnancy, the joints in the pelvis are loosened through the production of a hormone. This is to facilitate childbirth for both the woman and the child. But this means that the entire pelvic region becomes somewhat more unstable. Most often you do not feel the join release, but it can make itself felt. In some cases get quite difficult, but then there are usually other problems included in the picture.

Another common problem that sometimes comes to light during pregnancy, but is usually most common after childbirth, is numbness in the hands. Both Visceral and Cranial techniques can be helpful for any pregnancy-related problem.

I also work as a doula. Please let me know if such service is desired.